Call for Application: Urgent Action Fund-Africa Grant

Urgent Action Fund-Africa Grant
Urgent Action Fund-Africa Grant
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Urgent Action Fund-Africa Grant

Rapid Response Grant making is that the flagship and core programme of UAF-Africa. This is the first rapid response Fund on the continent, UAF-Africa adds value to the work of women’s rights activists and organisations through provision of monetary and technical resources at critical moments of need.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa Grant is cognisant of the very fact that ladies and girls are Africa’s untapped potential. the problems, factors, and actors that inhibit their freedom to thrive are numerous, complex, reinforcing of every other, and constantly evolving. Yet, women aren’t passive; they need resisted oppression, spoken out for the silenced, marched for change, and advocate for liberty, justice, dignity, and rights, against forces that are immune to a shift within the present inequitable power structures; a shift within the status quo!

Funding for Women

Urgent Action Fund-Africa Grant ardently believes within the power of girls to activate social change, and has been a partner of women’s human rights actors on the continent who passionately work for a just, equal and peaceful world for ladies and girls. we’ve positioned ourselves strategically to bolster women’s efforts, support them as agents of change and work with them to make sure deep and lasting transformation to an equal world for all women and girls, men and boys.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa looks first at things that has arisen and at the intervention that’s planned in response. We recognize that shifting events can make it necessary to vary the precise activities of an intervention. Activities supported by the Urgent Action Fund-Africa vary widely, although the general goal remains the advancement of women’s human rights.

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Urgent Action Fund-Africa makes small grants intended to enable a short-term intervention within the course of a long-term strategy. We answer most urgent requests within 24 hours. Requests received without endorsement may require overtime.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa isn’t ready to make grants for humanitarian efforts, general programme activities, or individual participation in conferences. In accordance with the Beijing Platform for Action, Urgent Action Fund-Africa gives priority to promoting and protecting the complete and equal enjoyment by women of all human rights and fundamental freedoms without distinction of any kind on race, language, religion, sexual orientation, political or other opinions, national or social origin.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa provides support for strategic interventions that cash in of opportunities to advance women’s human rights. Such opportunities arise when an unexpected event – positive or negative – creates a situation during which rapid intervention can have a big impact.

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Eligibility for Urgent Action Fund-Africa Grant


UAF-Africa provides urgent financial and technical support for the protection of women’s rights activists who are persecuted as an immediate result of their activism. We recognise and support women’s rights activists and organisations whose lives are in danger due to their add challenging patriarchy, fundamentalisms, harmful traditional norms, and values or the other contextual factors that impact negatively on women’s rights or seek to subjugate women.

Realizing that a lot of women’s rights activists defend women’s rights in their individual capacities; to defend their own rights or the rights of other women, without necessarily being members of women’s rights groups or organisations, Urgent Action Fund-Africa Grant supports women’s rights activists who, through their individual actions, can have an impression on the collective advancement and protection of women’s human rights.


Women have the proper to dignified and secure existence during a world free from physical, sexual, psychological, and economic harm where they will determine the way to conduct and exercise their bodily, sexual, and reproductive rights privately or public spaces, during peace time and in situations of armed conflicts or political volatile situations.

UAF-Africa supports women’s rights organisations and women’s human rights defenders (this includes female-identifying transgender persons, lesbians, bisexual and intersex persons) to advocate for and safeguard their rights to bodily integrity, autonomy, safety, and dignity.


Urgent Action Fund-Africa Grant recognises that legal frameworks and therefore the rule of law are important tools for advancing and promoting women’s rights. Access to justice and therefore the practice and implementation of the rule of law have contributed to women’s marginalization and secondary position in society due to corruption, patriarchy, poor legal and social structures for justice including relaxed enforcement mechanisms.

Urgent Action Fund-Africa Grantsupports women’s human rights defenders and organisations to interact in, challenge, and influence processes that cause the enforcement of justice and rule of law. This includes precedent-setting legal and legislative interventions, review, enactment, and implementation of progressive laws, challenging retrogressive laws, interpretation, and introduction of progressive legal clauses which all ultimately strengthen the women’s voice and visibility while creating long-lasting and systemic change.


The reality of today’s world is that the imbalances of power within the economic realm ultimately transpose to imbalanced systems and structures in other spheres. Women’s socio-political, environmental and legal welfare are hinged on access to economic resources. The proper to accumulate and utilise resources including land, minerals, water and energy for economic gains has been indiscriminately applied to women in Africa.

This has contributed to their disempowerment in various realms. Access to employment and increased and equal opportunities within the market are key drivers of gender equality. this is often particularly relevant because the economic importance of the natural resources sector and within the extractive industry is growing in many African countries.

However, the impacts of extractive operations aren’t gender-neutral with women being the primary in touch the negative impact of irresponsible extraction practices. The exploitative and ecologically destructive nature of the extractive industry leaves women in particularly vulnerable in many socio-economic and security fronts at the disregard of the multinational companies and state actors involved within the industry.

UAF-Africa supports women’s human rights organisations and activists who seek to deal with and overcome the defining factors that contribute to women’s economic stagnation and advocate for an enabling environment with just and equitable frameworks that promote women’s economic self-reliance.


Natural resource governance, global climate change and social justice interact during a circular fashion and at the guts of this are women’s rights. Women are critical to the management of and control of natural resources. Women are equally pivotal in global climate change adaptation and mitigation processes due to their overwhelmingly close relationship with natural resources but also due to the knowledge, skills with reference to adaptation and environmentally friendly production of natural resources outputs.

UAF-Africa supports women’s rights organisations and women’s rights activists to advocate for his or her active participation and deciding within the governance of natural resources and therefore the orientation and implementation of global climate change policies and practices.

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There are 2 alternative ways to submit a grant application. Choose just one of the subsequent options:

  1. Online Application Form: Fill out the appliance form online. Select the well-liked language on the web site to fill the shape in your required language. Apply for a Grant
  2. Downloadable Application Form: Download the appliance form below and send it to our office via email, postal address below.

Download English form:

Download Swahili form:

Download French Form:

Download Portuguese Form:

Download Arabic Form:

Proposals are often submitted by email or post office box at the subsequent address:


P.O. Box 53841-00200, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel: (+254) 202 301 740

Mobile: (+254) 732 577 5608

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